Walk for Promise Dreams 2016!

Walk for Dreams 2016

The 2016 Walk for Dreams is taking place on Sunday 16th October 2016. We’ll be walking from Himley Hall to Wolverhampton Racecourse via Wombourne & the Penn Road in Wolverhampton.

This is your chance to sign up for this year’s walk and help to make a difference to seriously & terminally ill children whilst having an amazing day of fun at the same time. Join us on Sunday 16th October 2016 with your friends, colleagues and family members…the more the merrier!!

Once you have registered we will keep you updated with all the information you’ll need to make sure it’s a wonderful day. More details here…

Come and join us!!

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BT Sport…

I’ve joined BT Sport as one of their lead presenters and will be covering a portfolio of motorsport for them this season.  With MotoGp in Jerez and Le Mans already done and dusted, I’ll be back with the boys at Silverstone for the British GP.   Afterwards, I’ll be taking charge of Misano, Aragon and Valencia.

I’ll also be at Cardiff for the British round of the Speedway GP and then Manchester for the World Cup finals.

Finally on 4 wheels, I’ll be presenting the WRC at the end of October – lucky me………………

Latest from me – March 2016

In December last year, it was announced that Formula 1 would be moving to Channel 4. I loved fronting the BBC F1 show; hearing ‘The Chain’ in my ear before my opening greeting, the banter with David and Eddie, being right ‘there’ to see Lewis make history winning back to back World Championships and then having the privilege to interview him straight afterwards. I made friends with drivers, team bosses, racing legends and mechanics, I ran the tracks with my BBC friends and drank with ‘the opposition’. The talent pool within our team was immense and the spirit was strong, from the guy who drove the truck, to my boss and the voice in my ear. We were dedicated to our coverage and our broadcasts were committed and carefully considered. I felt that our production team were always ambitious and their vision pushed boundaries. For me, it was one of my career highs and millions of sports fans came along for the ride and joined our good fortune. I wished that I had known that Abu Dhabi would be our last broadcast together and my last as the face of BBC F1, but that’s just how telly rolls sometimes. I wish Channel 4 all the best with their coverage, it’s a phenomenal world to be a part of.

I always say things happen for a reason and just as F1 ended, loads of other doors opened for me to help me expand my portfolio.

Most excitingly I was to become part of Radio 2’s extended family. I’ve already presented a week of shows, standing in for Vanessa Feltz and I’m back on air on Easter Monday presenting the drive time show, keeping the seat warm for Simon Mayo. It has a F1 theme where I am talking to Lewis Hamilton, Claire Williams, Nicki Lauda, David Coulthard and of course the wonderful Murray Walker, amongst others. I’ll be looking at their favourite tunes but also asking listeners to call in and tell me about their favourite driving music as well.

Music and radio has always been such a passion of mine and so this is a dream come true. Just walking through those radio doors and getting to sit behind the radio desk gives me such a thrill. I get to play music I love and chat to all the gorgeous listeners and share our lives together. I couldn’t be happier.

I am also hoping to make a couple of my own productions as I have always found the other side of the camera fascinating too!

Hell On High Seas

I’m also just about to embark on one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced. I’ve quite crazily agreed to be part of the BT Sports Relief Challenge ‘Hell on High Seas’ where ’ll be sailing 1,000 miles around the UK in a yacht alongside Alex Jones, Angellica Bell, Hal Cruttenden, Ore Oduba and Doon Mackichan. Over the next 7 days, we’ll all be sleeping on tiny bunks in the same room, that’s when we get any sleep, as we may be needed on deck at any time. If we are allowed to rest it’s in 4 hour chunks. None of us have ever done anything like this before and when you have to have survival training, you know it’s for real. I’ll try and tweet as much as i can whilst on board next week, but tune in to the Drivetime show when I’ll be speaking to Simon Mayo on Radio 2 every afternoon live from the yacht, plus there will be updates every evening on The One Show. We are of course doing all of this to raise money for an incredible cause and i would be so grateful for your support – you can sponsor us here.

Hell On High Seas

We will be setting off from Belfast Harbour Marina on Monday 7th March and the crew will attempt to sail to London around the UK in just 5 days, finishing on Friday 11th March.

Sport-ReliefWe will be living, sleeping and working on the Volvo Ocean 65 – a carbon-fibre speed machine that has been optimized for maximum performance. At 65 feet and weighing in at 12,500 kgs, the vessel is as long as five cars and weighs the equivalent of twelve great white sharks. The largest sail, which we  will have to manually hoist, is as big as two and a half volleyball courts

From day 1, we will be pushed to the limit. Without any fridges or ovens, we will have to get used to eating vacuum packed food and with the onslaught of the elements even simple tasks like brushing our teeth will be difficult. Ian Walker, the first British skipper to win the Volvo Ocean Race, will skipper our challenge and he says ‘when the sea’s rough and your drenched to the core and you’ve barely slept, even the most mundane daily tasks can seem impossible’.

Oh boy – we need your support

See you when I’m back on dry land!



2015 Formula One Calendar

AustralianMelbourne, 13-15 MarchLive across BBC radio and the sport website, with highlights on BBC TV
MalaysianKuala Lumpur, 27-29 MarchLive across BBC TV, radio and the sport website
ChineseShanghai, 10-12 AprilLive across BBC radio and the sport website, with highlights on BBC TV
BahrainSakhir, 17-19 AprilLive across BBC TV, radio and the sport website
SpanishBarcelona, 8-10 MayLive across BBC radio and the sport website, with highlights on BBC TV
MonacoMonte Carlo, 22-24 MayLive across BBC radio and the sport website, with highlights on BBC TV
CanadianMontreal, 5-7 JuneLive across BBC TV, radio and the sport website
AustrianSpielberg, 19-21 JuneLive across BBC radio and the sport website, with highlights on BBC TV
BritishSilverstone, 3-5 JulyLive across BBC TV, radio and the sport website
GermanTBC, 17-19 JulyLive across BBC radio and the sport website, with highlights on BBC TV
HungarianBudapest, 24-26 JulyLive across BBC TV, radio and the sport website
BelgianSpa-Francorchamps, 21-23 AugustLive across BBC TV, radio and the sport website
ItalianMonza, 4-6 SeptemberLive across BBC radio and the sport website, with highlights on BBC TV
SingaporeSingapore, 18-20 SeptemberLive across BBC radio and the sport website, with highlights on BBC TV
JapaneseSuzuka, 25-27 SeptemberLive across BBC TV, radio and the sport website
RussianSochi, 9-11 OctoberLive across BBC TV, radio and the sport website
United StatesAustin, 23-25 OctoberLive across BBC radio and the sport website, with highlights on BBC TV
MexicanMexico City, 30 October - 1 NovemberLive across BBC radio and the sport website, with highlights on BBC TV
BrazilianSao Paulo, 13-15 NovemberLive across BBC TV, radio and the sport website
Abu DhabiYas Marina, 27-29 NovemberLive across BBC TV, radio and the sport website

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Commemorative ride for Kevin Ash

What are you up to on 9th August? Fancy a date with me and a gang of motorsport fans at Silverstone? We are getting together in memory of my wonderful friend and revered journo, Kevin Ash. He is very much missed and this will be a perfect opportunity to raise some money for the Kevin Ash Fund, to help his family. I, for one can’t wait to see everyone. There will be a ride-in and a commemorative lap (Donate well and I will be your pillion!) and afterwards I will be hosting an auction full of money can’t buy items. So please shout about it to your mates, get together and pop down, it would be great to see you. Kev would have loved it.

More details as and when….www.ashonbikes.com

Beautiful Jewellery for Promise Dreams

silverstone-ladiesThe supremely talented  Alyssa Smith is a 26 year old international British jewellery designer who has a great love for the simple things in life like, family, friends, her pets, chocolate brownies, anything sparkly and of course designing and making gorgeous jewellery. Alyssa has talked for a long time about making a range of jewellery for the children’s charity – Promise Dreams for whom I am a patron and eventually came up with a delightful collection including race tracks and chequered flags.

The aim is to raise as much money as possible for Promise Dreams from this special collection and 100% of the profits will go directly to the charity.  Every piece you buy from this collection will be helping a fantastic cause in more ways than you could imagine.

Alyssa’s aim to keep this collection as interactive as possible is to show how much money has been raised throughout the year so please check out her website and see what a difference your support is already making!

What could be better for us all than having beautiful and unusual jewellery AND helping put smiles on the faces of seriously and terminally ill youngsters. Believe me, that smile gives you an unbelievable feeling.

F1 Coverage

Recently it was announced that I will be fronting the Formula 1 coverage for the BBC. I must say that I was absolutely thrilled to be asked and all I can hope is that next season will measure up to the epic year that was 2012.

After covering a varied portfolio of sporting events for 13 years, Wimbledon, Athens Olympics, Royal Ascot, London Marathon, Great North Run, the Boat Race and of course MotoGp, Superbike and Speedway, I decided to pursue a different professional route for personal reasons.

I adored working in the sporting arena, particularly Motorsport and I have missed the thrill of working live; in-fact I have felt a little lost without the pit-lane!

So a return to the BBC and indeed to enter the premier class of all Motorsport, F1, was the best Christmas present I have ever received.

I have a huge amount of respect for the BBC Team, those in front and behind the camera. I’ve crossed paths with both DC and EJ on several occasions and I think that if everyone is happy we can make some great telly… I’m also excited to team up with some of TV’s most creative producers again; I have missed them!

However most of all, I’m looking forward to the race action. I will be giving 100% of myself to present the best shows possible and yes, for those who may be wondering about my 2 –  wheeled life, I will have a close eye on that too!

I’m very aware that this is a tough  but incredible job and that I have a huge Jake Humphrey shaped hole to fill. I will be giving it my very best shot and I hope that you will enjoy the continued coverage

Many thanks for all the comments and good luck wishes, they are very much appreciated.  X

Christmas Gift Guide

The other night I took part in a debate about Christmas; the expense, the expectation and whether or not Santa exists. To me the last part was obvious, but hey. I guess some folks are just cynics. I bumped into him once on the landing when I was 9, I was slightly confused because firstly it was a little before midnight and secondly he did kind of resemble my mum, but with a beard, I digress.

Anyway, the overriding factor was that technology is adored, flaunted and desired but can wind up making for a super expensive shopping cart. So, I’ve been looking at beloved gadgets for under £100-ish…

I have been a huge fan of the G-form ‘Reactive Protection Technology’ since I was encouraged to drop a bowling ball on my iPad to test out the shock proof case. For the record, my device was unharmed in this experiment. Now, using their 3 layer technique they make cases for iPhones, hopefully for other brands soon, because these little babies are the cats whiskery bits. 90% of impact is absorbed into the shell and just as important, they also look cool. If you’re looking for something more businesslike the Proporter Leather case might tickle your fancy, it has an aluminium lining to add a little ruggedness to its slinky appearance,

I have a penchant for headphones, especially in-ear types (I’m aware that makes me sound odd 😉 So I think they make a top gift. Sneaking into my assigned price bracket are the achingly stylish Atomic Floyd ‘PowerJax’. They offer heart-pumping bass and a gorgeous crisp sound quality, silicone ear-tip seals to block out any irritating ambient noise and…(I love this) they have a Kevlar anti tangle chord! Yes, it works too, no more fiddling with endless knots.

Atomic Floyd PowerJax

For something a little more quirky, have a look at Quarkie.com. I love the cats eyes, yes they are a tad blingy but I have embraced the festive spirit, and the bass sounds great and there is minimal distortion. If you’re more rock and roll than me, there is also a vipers head, honestly!

Quarkie Cats Eye

I’m relieved that Amazon have introduced the Kindle Paperwhite because my fella drives me mad with his extra light he clips onto his regular kindle, its like someone is shining a maglite (the new ML100 is pretty good btw, but the belt loop attachment is way too nerdy, even for me!) into my eyes when we’re reading in bed. The Paperwhite also boasts more pixels for an enhanced reading experience and can store 1100 books.

Kindle Paperwhite

Sporty? Check out Scosche Rhythm. Its an arm band that monitors your pulse and lets you know how many calories have been ousted, how fast and how far you’ve run. It connects to your phone/tablet via Bluetooth and gives you real time feedback. I also like the Fitbit Zip. It tracks your activity via an accelerometer and if you’re brave you can share the info with your friends.
Scosche Rhythm

This is the tip of the iceberg, trust me… happy Christmas shopping!