Let’s dance for Sport Relief

Ortis and I were asked to join the comedic list of entertainers to participate in this years rather hilarious ‘dance’ fest in aid of Sport Relief. We were thrilled to take part, however I could have done with a few more days to learn what turned out to be the busiest salsa ever! Ortis took to it like Ricky Martin himself, but my brain engagement and body co-ordination was a little slower on the uptake : nonetheless I loved every second, we had a blast and I lost a few pounds along the way! So thanks for supporting that one if you managed to catch it. Big thanks to our gorgeous choreographers Richard and Ali and all the far too energetic dancers who made me realise that I needed to sharpen up! I’m on it! Also a big squeeze and comedy congratulations to the ultimate winner Rowland Rivron, who cartwheeled his way to victory during his sublime rendition of Christopher Walken’s award winning dance to Fat Boy Slim’s video Weapon of Choice – out of the ball park my friend.

Bafta Gaming Awards

I presented an award at this event, hosted by the achingly drole Dara O’Briain The ceremony has grown massively over the past few years yet still maintains the atmosphere of an agreeable family gathering. Often, I’m off like a shot after the last gong has been given at an awards do but I was still going strong at 3am thanks to some great company and perhaps a few glasses of the red stuff. BF3 was the big winner on the night. During my final series of The Gadget Show we were part of the launch for Battlefield 3 when we built that incredible immersive gaming sim, so I pinched their award for a few shots with Rachel Deley, Wife of Ortis.


I was lucky enough to take a back to basics RV holiday in Northern California back in February. After spending a few days with friends in New York we flew across the states to embark upon our camping/wine tasting/skiing extravaganza. Sonoma was my favourite part of the wine adventure, quaint and boutiquey, perfect for quaffing fine grape juice and tasting local cheese. We felt somewhat like speedy snails surrounded by our home comforts at all times and loved the freedom to stay or leave. Almost 3 weeks zipped by at a far too fast rate. However I loved every minute, skiing at Heavenly Valley, scenic hiking trips, motorbikes, bicycles, glorious food and wine crowned by one of my favourite vistas – San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. It was just what I needed to clear my head and reset my body for 2012!

Let’s Dance for Sport Relief 2012

Sport Relief 2012 is now well under way and one of their popular events is of course Let’s Dance.  Each week  on BBC 1, celebrities are strutting their stuff to raise money and on Saturday 10th March, Ortis Deley and I will be dancing for charity.  We’re both really looking forward to the experience and will use as much technical wizardry as we can lay our hands on.  We’ll really need your votes though – Don’t forget BBC1 on Saturday 10th March around 7.00 pm

Suzi xx

Digital Detox!

I had a digital detox over the holiday season in December and January: it was back to the wonderful underrated custom of interaction between human beings  for me and I adored every moment! I passed the time at my house in France which is close to the Italian border, just close enough to pop over for an authentic pizza. Yeah, I know, sounds like I’m showing off… (just wait until I get to the Aston Martin story 😉 I’m kidding and I digress.  So – 10 for dinner on Christmas day and we ate outside under the glorious sunshine, until it slipped behind the mountain leaving us to decamp inside to light a fire and then eat the pud. Because I had taken a few weeks off, my baking gene had gone supersonic and every tin, box and tray was filled with sweet bites of heaven and the promise of that new year diet…. Nigella would have been proud. And so we continued – laughing, eating and drinking, my Dutch/English family, happy days.

A little while ago Aston Martin asked me if I fancied a few weeks razzing around in their commuter cygnet model. It just so happened that I was, surprise surprise, totally up for it. They delivered ( avec James Bond theme tunes cd, which made me roar as I pulled away!) and I experienced a very pleasant few weeks nipping around the cote d’azur, causing a bit of a stir at the valet parking counters I can tell you! Here’s a piccy.

Commando Spirit

I’m working on various new projects this year, which will all come to light when the time is right. However I can say that I want to get back to my two wheeled roots by way of an adventure. I’ll also be jumping off a few buildings with my friends the Royal Marines for ‘Commando Spirit’ and obviously there will be gadgets somewhere in the mix.

At the beginning of December I joined  Royal Marines in a daring fast rope abseil at RMR City of London barracks to kick off ‘Take the Leap’, the second event in the Commando Spirit Series of challenges, which aims to raise £1m for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF) by 2014.

Take the Leap, set to take place in September 2012, will offer an elite group of 40 civilian participants the chance to take on Royal Marines fast rope abseil training – and put their new skill into practice by abseiling from the roof of St Pancras station or into Twickenham rugby ground. The abseil was very daunting, but I was in very safe hands throughout. A few minutes of panic for me, and those who sign up to Take the Leap, is nothing compared to what our Royal Marines do for us each and every day.

The Commando Spirit Appeal and Series of events are amazing and I am so proud to offer my support. I’d encourage everyone to find out about Commando Spirit and get involved in some way to show support for the Royal Marines who face great danger on a daily basis in order to protect our country.”

I was also joined at the Take the Leap launch by a team of Commando Spirit participants, all of whom braved the first Series challenge – Escape the Dunker – in September this year, along with Sally-Anne Hunter, Founder and Director of the Commando Spirit Appeal.

Sally-Anne said: “We are thrilled to have launched this next phase of the Commando Spirit Series and are very pleased to have Suzi on board. The first challenge was a huge success, with a brave band of 24 people stepping up to show their mettle and raise funds for this most deserving cause.

“The Leap promises to be even more exciting, with such landmark venues offering a truly unique chance to show what you’re made of.

“That is what Commando Spirit is all about – showing you have that courage, grit and determination to put yourself through elements of real Commando training, and raise vital funds in the process.”

For more information on the Commando Spirit Appeal or Take the Leap, please visit www.commandospirit.com.

A quick trip to America

I’m looking forward to touring California very soon by way of an RV. There will also be motor biking, cycling, horse riding and skiing to add to the joyous mix. I will be visiting a mate first in New York, might, possibly do a spot of shopping and then I’ll be heading to the West Coast. Cool.

I’m working on restructuring the interior of my house and also researching bee keeping, I want to keep bees. If you have any advice on the little buzzers, feel free to email me, I would appreciate and pointers.

Walk of the Black Country with Promise Dreams

We did it – yesterday Sunday 19th June was an absolutely amazing day.  Beacon Radio organised a fantastic fundraising event for Promise Dreams (supported by Wolverhampton University and  3,500 lovely people pounded the pavements of Wolverhampton with a 10 mile walk from Himley Hall to Wolverhampton Racecourse.

The weather was really kind and in spite of a not too good forecast, the sun shone for us all and the outcome was phenomenal.

At the end of the day Beacon were calling £88,000 raised but the final amount was yet to come and this morning, the 20th June, Fresh made the announcement that the the total raised was……….


a lot of tears were shed at the Promise Dreams office this morning because we can only imagine just how many dreams are going to be delivered in the next few months to so many lovely kids.

It was so lovely listening to so many of you who took part, telling your stories on Beacon. Thank you – every one of you.

From Steve, Don, Beverley and myself – a heartfelt thank you.

To Beacon – hats off to you all for such a brilliant job. Your organisation was fab.

Photos courtesy of Benjamin Lycett

Royal Ascot – 14th to 18th June 2011

The weather this year was quite mixed and there were occasions when the mac had to come out pretty quickly.  In the main though, we were able to get out and about and talk to some lovely people.

I was accompanied on Tuesday and Saturday by model Olivia Inge, who incidentally was the lovely lady in the opening sequences for BBC’s coverage each day.  On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, my co-presenter was milliner Louis Mariette.

Sadly this year I was without my lovely James Sherwood and I missed him very much.

Lots of people on twitter have been asking about my outfits for the week so below, thought you might like to see some pix.

Pix courtesy of Graeme McAlpine at www.mcalpine.tv