Commemorative ride for Kevin Ash

What are you up to on 9th August? Fancy a date with me and a gang of motorsport fans at Silverstone? We are getting together in memory of my wonderful friend and revered journo, Kevin Ash. He is very much missed and this will be a perfect opportunity to raise some money for the Kevin Ash Fund, to help his family. I, for one can’t wait to see everyone. There will be a ride-in and a commemorative lap (Donate well and I will be your pillion!) and afterwards I will be hosting an auction full of money can’t buy items. So please shout about it to your mates, get together and pop down, it would be great to see you. Kev would have loved it.

More details as and when…

FOOTIE, can’t shake it…

As our extended Spring nears its end, bypassing Summer and going straight to Autumn the world of geeks (probably having not noticed the missed season) rub their texting thumbs with glee in anticipation of new gadget launches. We will be seeing the new Google Nexus Tablet, the world’s first 7” quad-core tablet with Android 4.1 Jellybean … Sony will showcase its 4K UltraHD Projector and of course Apple will have folk clapping and whooping as the iPhone 5 finally hits the streets. 4G has also been a hot topic and will launch for Orange and T-mobile users in September. For the majority of the UK though, it’s called the Football season. Our national sport is back and whether you love or hate our national game it’s hard to get away from it.

I’m a footie lover, a Wolves fan, it’s in my DNA. I’m loyal, passionate and always watch with an optimistic eye. The other eye is always looking for a way to escape this inbuilt addiction, I’m well aware that I’m sometimes watching a bunch of overpaid Wendy’s with ego’s matching the likes of Piers Morgan, Simon Cowell etc  So…is it possible to avoid sports grubby petulant little cousin?

I’m kind of hoping that cycling will continue to grow after the enormous success of the golden boys and girls of the 2012 velodrome and the future BBC Sports Personality of the Year Wiggo for his incredible accolade a la France. With that in mind I was wondering if this is the ultimate two wheeled dream-machine, the One-77 cycle?

Aston Martin One-77 Cycle

It features an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre frame, a super Shimano 20 shift electric gear system and an on board touch screen computer to record cadence and speeds. It’s British too, made by Aston Martin. The only downside is that I would need to be a footballers wife to afford hefty the £25,000 price tag.

Well, it turns out that isn’t a dream-machine, but just a dream.

Fluid Football App

I’ve been playing FluidFootball. It’s a free tactical footie app and a modern day subbuteo. I dare you to download it and not become hooked ! You learn to move the players, cross, pass and strike the ball with help from commentators Richard Keys and Andy Gray (there wasn’t one comment about me being a girl btw 😉 You win coins to open new games, then progress to different cups which cost real cash. Angry what ?

I didn’t do very well getting away from football did I?

It’s The Socialympics – Are You Ready For The Social Onslaught?

Currently, if you’re not discussing sport you’re not in the ball park. You are the person who turns up to a Trekkie convention dressed as Avon from Blakes 7… you get the drift. When it comes to top tier events, this is it. Wimbledon, Tour de France, Champions League and recently the Euros – where Twitter was bombarded with more than 15,000 messages per second as the final goal rocked the back of the net – sport is now more social and more connected than ever before. Next up, the Olympics, and I for one can’t wait.

It is being deemed the ‘Socialympics’. The stage is set, the technology is capable and we are poised. During the last Olympics Facebook boasted 100million users and Twitter, 6million. This summer the figures total more like 900million and 140million respectively. Globally we will be glued to our TVs, (worth buying a 3D TV for) watching live streaming on the net and apparently some even managed to get tickets to be trackside 😉

Wenlock and Mandeville

Wherever we are, we can share, capture and post our experience, our moment, our joy, expectation, our memory… because let’s face it, Usain Bolt we ain’t!

Why record a portion of an emotion when you can save the whole thing? I’m talking 360. There is a great new little device called ‘Bubblescope’ about to go to market. It’s an imaging device that you attach to your phone which enables you, in one click, to shoot the entire 360 surrounding as a still or video. No stitching together or multiple shot faff – perfect for THOSE moments – and then using the ‘Bubblepix’ app you can upload your masterpiece and share it with the world. You can find more information at

BubblePix - Suzi Perry

It’s the simplicity that I like, I don’t want all my shots to be in surround, but the scope twists on and off easily and is small enough to carry in your pocket, something that I will actually do rather than just think is a good idea. Beware if you are ever standing behind me, you may end up in my bubble!

Here are a few apps that you may like to grab in time for the Olympics:

London Olympics Ultimate for Android. Schedules, medal tables, news etc.
2012 Olympic news.  For Windows Phone 7
London 2012: Official join in. For iOS
and live streaming on BBC Sport facebook Apps and Eurosport Player.

Enjoy x

PS, if you’re younger than 40, you may need to google Blakes 7!

Royal Ascot 2012

One of the most famous sporting and social showpieces in the world is in full swing again. Her Majesty and other members of the Royal family are in attendance each day and the atmosphere is absolutely wonderful in this, the Diamond Jubilee Year. Particularly for the ladies who love the fashion, I’m just adding a few pictures each day. Hope you like them x

A very big thank you to all the lovely dress designers and milliners that very kindly loaned me my Ascot wardrobe.  If you want more information, we have listed the websites for you to take a look at

All pictures taken  by Graeme McAlpine at

Number Ones!

Biker Blast OffAs part of a Gadget Show Challenge Jason and I had to design an application for the iphone and ipod touch. Jase made social beacon and I made a game called Biker Blast-off. It was a lot of fun designing the idea and working with a company called Mediatonic who helped me to get my app up and running.
We decided on a bike stunt game and I even managed to get my cat Ginge put into the crowd! We unleashed the apps onto the market and 4 days later Biker Blast-off made the number one spot! It was the closest I’ll ever get to being Top Of The Pops and it was a complete surprise. I had previously thought that a top 100 spot would be creditable so I was over the moon, still am! Then i discovered that it was jumping up the American chart and into the top 10. So, thank-you to anyone who downloaded and played it, I hope you enjoyed the rubbing and tapping experience!
As an aside, apparently according to my twitter colleagues I was also voted as the Number One Dream Pillion Passenger! Personally if my husband was busy I’d go for Patrick Dempsey!


So honoured!Wolverhampton University and the department of Applied Science presented me with an Honorary Fellowship. It had extra meaning for me as I didn’t finish my BA in Business and Finance way back when, because I chose to go and work in Japan. I intended to complete the degree when I returned, however my career took off and I never found the time to complete the mission! So the honour bestowed upon me by my home Uni completes the circle. It was a wonderful evening and finally my parents got to see me in a cap and gown!

Thankyou Wolverhampton.

Tying the knot!

On August 6th I tied the knot to my Dutch boyfriend of 3 years Bastien. We flew to Sin City and had a blast! We whisked our families and a few friends off to stay at the Bellagio hotel with a view to have the best week ever and we did. We got hitched at the Gracelands Chapel which I will admit to having reservations about. On the one hand I am a huge Elvis fan and I believe that when in Vegas.. .but I wanted the tackiness to be, well, limited. It was and the Elvis impersonator was not only jaw droppingly gorgeous but had a fabulous voice and had us all dancing and singing our hearts out! We wanted the day to be pure fun for everyone, so we embraced the stretch hummers, Elvis shades and endless supply of champers and made our way to the Paris hotel to have dinner in the Eiffel Tower which overlooks the gorgeous Bellagio fountains. After getting stuck in the lift for several minutes we made it and it was perfect.

If you want to check out some of the pix from the wedding, go to
The following day, at sunset, we chartered 2 helicopters to fly into the Grand Canyon. It is possibly one of the most awe inspiring experiences out there. We took the wedding cake with us and I am sure it tasted so good because of the surroundings! Tom Jones was up next at the MGM Grand, Tony Curtis was enjoying his fabulous show on the next table and as I boogied away, surrounded by my favourite people I realised that life couldn’t get any better, it was a week to savour, the best week ever!

Thank you from me!

During the past few months your support has been amazing and I have been constantly overwhelmed by the kind comments and well wishes from everyone.  I feel as though I am now in a good place both mentally and physically so would like to move on and put the entire event behind me.  Every message has helped me to become stronger and well again so from my heart to yours, thank you. Xxx


After the race weekend in Jerez I spent a couple of relaxing days in Seville. I arrived a little worse for wear as it had been my birthday the day before and so celebrations had taken their toll! I had been out for dinner with a group of friends from the paddock and it was the first time we had socialised since last season so with birthday cakes and vino tinto flying around, the result was as you would expect!

Suzi Perry in Seville

The last time I stayed in Seville I was about 23 years young. I was filming an ice cream commercial for television. Back then I fell in love with the place and always wanted to return. I can’t believe it has taken me so long, but it was as beautiful as I had remembered. I stayed at a fabulous hotel called Casa Imperial, perfectly positioned to visit everywhere. Seville is really quite small so you can view everything by foot, or horse and carriage! The calm surroundings were very welcome after the non stop race weekend; the only sounds were birdsong which always reminds me of growing up at my parent’s house and, the faint tinker of water trickling from the water fountain in the courtyard.
The tapas bars are in abundance in Seville, all beautiful and traditional so it’s not hard to eat well and while away the hours people watching and sightseeing. While I was there we celebrated my boyfriend’s 40th birthday, two bulls under one roof! We don’t have China at home and yes, we can both be stubborn!  It was a lovely few days but now I really must stop drinking and eating!