Gadget Show Live 2011

This was the third year for this event at the NEC and again the demand was phenomenal.  The full capacity of 80,000 tickets for the live show in the Sony Theatre sold out in just 12 weeks.  Jase, Jon, Ortis, Polly and myself performed 3 live shows a day over the 5 day period and had a ball.  Paul Zenon helped us out – he’s an amazing magician and it was great to have him there.  You can get all the info on the Gadget Show website but here’s just a few images taken during the run.

Gadget Show Live

Gadget Show Live is almost upon us – 13th to 17th April and the gang are all looking forward to seeing you there.

On the 21st March show, I did a piece on top 5 fun websites and we’ve had an amazing amount of questions about these sites, mostly for the addresses again.  For those of you that have asked, here are the addresses for you again –

BID for me!

For Red Nose Day, along with loads of other celebs I’m auctioning off a ‘Super-Follow’!

The ‘Super-Follow’ means that I will do ALL of these things…

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  • I’m giving you one of my VERY OWN bike jackets,
  • TWO paddock passes to the MOTOGP at Silverstone,
  • TWO tickets to the Gadget Show Live (on April 14th) INCLUDING Live Super Theatre tickets
  • AND you get to meet me after the show.


  • Personal MEET & GREET with ALVARO / photos / signed merchandise
  • Be shown round the pits and photos taken sitting on Suzuki GP bike
  • Team tops for both


  • LUNCH with me at Suzuki
  • AND a SEASON PASS for all British Superbike Rounds this year!

SO BID NOW!!! I will become your twitter best friend, Comic Relief will spend ALL the money you bid on life-changing projects, and the sun will shine.  (That last bit about the sun might not be true).

Bid Here!!!

Play My Game!!!

As part of a challenge for The Gadget Show, Jason and I have been asked to design an internet casual game. Mine is called ‘Suzi Perry’s Heli Golf’ based on a show from last year. It’s free to play and lots of fun, let me know if you get to the bonus hole 19…’s on the moon and look out for my cheeky cat Gingi!

Play Here!

Thanks to Paul @ Diablo for the lovely TankTop Graphics! x

T3 Win!

T3 Awards 2010I almost spat out my wine when I heard my name called out as Gadget Personality of the year on Monday night at the T3 2010 Awards evening.  The Gadget Show gang were in force as we enjoyed the evening (Jon Bentley was reading the latest edition of Tech Radar at the table, but I think he was having fun!) The rest were taunting me about my nomination. Of course I had been informed of the huge honour but the competition was fierce, talented and hugely respected, so I had written off any idea of winning. I thought I had no chance and was just thrilled to have been considered.

As my name was called, the feeling of sheer panic soared through me: I’ve never won anything before and still felt that perhaps it was an error, surely it should have been Stephen Fry or Jason Chen, for his ‘iphone4gate’ ? For me, the public vote had made the difference because the judges had a split decision. So this award, yes I know it’s my first, but the fact that it comes from the readers makes it very special indeed. So a huge jolly thank you to T3 and all who voted: you made not only my night but probably my year!

‘How To Take Stunning Pictures’

How to take stunning picturesI am thrilled to say that the Channel 5 Masterclass in snapping has been a hit. The feedback has been good and I’m really hopeful that a second series might be commissioned where we’ll be able to dive into more detail, now that the basics have been covered. It was a lot of fun to film and the experts were all first class.

How to Take Stunning Pictures : on

New House!

I bought a new house in the South of France a few weeks ago, so have been manic trying to move in and ship my furniture over from the UK. Though I’ve been living in that area for a few years now, this is the first place I have purchased so next up? Yes you guessed it…massive refurb and possibly 2 years of building hell! However, I know it will all be worth it. I’m planning a modern version of ‘The Good Life’ – google it kids!

June updates x

Beautiful Scotland

I love twitter. When I announced that we were reaching the end of series 13, I was immediately pounced on by Gadgeteers demanding when the next series would begin and how I would satisfy their Monday night digital fix, there really is no rest for the wicked! So for those who would like to know; we are back on air in August and The Gadget Show WebTV is updated every week, with Jon Bentley and Dionne South at the helm, and very good it is too. Me? Well I’m already stuck into filming the next series.

Recently Ortis and I found ourselves in Fort William, Northern Scotland on a Wild Challenge. I won’t reveal too much on the details for fear of spoiling the show but I can tell you that it was very energetic and extremely beautiful and of course packed full of gadgets.

Gadget Show with Ortis

The pair of us were rather amused to be staying in a Fawlty Towers replica hotel complete with inedible food, a Spanish waiter called Juan and well, let’s just say that we reduced the average age of the residents, I mean clients.

There will be 21 shows in this series, (I am sure this is a record) These shows should take us up to Christmas time and as you know we are always grateful for your feedback and ideas, so let me know if you are inspired!

I am also doing a spot of broadcasting for The Derby and Royal Ascot. I shall be teamed up with the lovely Fashion Journalist James Sherwood for Ascot. His insight is fascinating and his comments and quips are always guaranteed to raise a smirk, let’s just say that he is very honest and doesn’t mind saying what everyone else is probably thinking. I loved my time there last year, my third, however there was an embarrassing incident with a floaty skirt and a gust of wind, so I shall be going for more fitted outfits this year! Nearer the time I shall blog my outfit designers and hat attire.

Presenting at the ICC

I recently hosted the Birmingham Young Professional of the year at the ICC in Brum. It was a fabulous night, a lot funnier than the average awards do. That was predominantly due to my co-host, top chef Glynn Purnell. He has his own Michelin starred place in the city and is one hell of a laugh. I for one was in stitches on stage and the audience loved it, I reckon we struck up a pretty good double act and hope we can work together again. I will certainly be off to ‘Purnells’ for dinner soon.

With the marvelous Glynn Purnell

I am also filming a brand new show for 5 soon. It’s about photography and how to take beautiful pictures. I’m a bit of an amateur snapper so this really appeals to me, I hope to learn lots and have fun at the same time, good combo.

On a personal note I will be moving into an apartment in Birmingham soon so that I will be on hand for Gadget Show filming. The Gadget Show is based in the Digital District of Birmingham, downtown Digbeth and having a place there will be perfect. I will be spending the weekends with my family in France where we are currently buying a house, it’s an exciting time, but lots of moving around which does do my head in from time to time!

That’s it for now; I’m tweeting on Twitter, follow @suziperry for daily comments, views and the odd silly pic!