Tying the knot!

On August 6th I tied the knot to my Dutch boyfriend of 3 years Bastien. We flew to Sin City and had a blast! We whisked our families and a few friends off to stay at the Bellagio hotel with a view to have the best week ever and we did. We got hitched at the Gracelands Chapel which I will admit to having reservations about. On the one hand I am a huge Elvis fan and I believe that when in Vegas.. .but I wanted the tackiness to be, well, limited. It was and the Elvis impersonator was not only jaw droppingly gorgeous but had a fabulous voice and had us all dancing and singing our hearts out! We wanted the day to be pure fun for everyone, so we embraced the stretch hummers, Elvis shades and endless supply of champers and made our way to the Paris hotel to have dinner in the Eiffel Tower which overlooks the gorgeous Bellagio fountains. After getting stuck in the lift for several minutes we made it and it was perfect.

If you want to check out some of the pix from the wedding, go to www.wattswhere.co.uk
The following day, at sunset, we chartered 2 helicopters to fly into the Grand Canyon. It is possibly one of the most awe inspiring experiences out there. We took the wedding cake with us and I am sure it tasted so good because of the surroundings! Tom Jones was up next at the MGM Grand, Tony Curtis was enjoying his fabulous show on the next table and as I boogied away, surrounded by my favourite people I realised that life couldn’t get any better, it was a week to savour, the best week ever!