Number Ones!

Suzi Perry
October 15, 2009
As part of a Gadget Show Challenge Jason and I had to design an application for the iphone and ipod touch. Jase made social beacon and I made a game called Biker Blast-off. It was a lot of fun designing the idea and working with a company called Mediatonic who helped me to get my app up and running.
We decided on a bike stunt game and I even managed to get my cat Ginge put into the crowd! We unleashed the apps onto the market and 4 days later Biker Blast-off made the number one spot! It was the closest I'll ever get to being Top Of The Pops and it was a complete surprise. I had previously thought that a top 100 spot would be creditable so I was over the moon, still am! Then i discovered that it was jumping up the American chart and into the top 10. So, thank-you to anyone who downloaded and played it, I hope you enjoyed the rubbing and tapping experience!
As an aside, apparently according to my twitter colleagues I was also voted as the Number One Dream Pillion Passenger! Personally if my husband was busy I'd go for Patrick Dempsey!

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