Suzi Perry
May 2, 2009
After the race weekend in Jerez I spent a couple of relaxing days in Seville. I arrived a little worse for wear as it had been my birthday the day before and so celebrations had taken their toll! I had been out for dinner with a group of friends from the paddock and it was the first time we had socialised since last season so with birthday cakes and vino tinto flying around, the result was as you would expect!
The last time I stayed in Seville I was about 23 years young. I was filming an ice cream commercial for television. Back then I fell in love with the place and always wanted to return. I can’t believe it has taken me so long, but it was as beautiful as I had remembered. I stayed at a fabulous hotel called Casa Imperial, perfectly positioned to visit everywhere. Seville is really quite small so you can view everything by foot, or horse and carriage! The calm surroundings were very welcome after the non stop race weekend; the only sounds were birdsong which always reminds me of growing up at my parent’s house and, the faint tinker of water trickling from the water fountain in the courtyard.
The tapas bars are in abundance in Seville, all beautiful and traditional so it's not hard to eat well and while away the hours people watching and sightseeing. While I was there we celebrated my boyfriend’s 40th birthday, two bulls under one roof! We don't have China at home and yes, we can both be stubborn!  It was a lovely few days but now I really must stop drinking and eating!

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