Gadget Show Series 12

Suzi Perry
July 10, 2009

Our filming is well underway for series 12. The boys and I have been head to head in various challenges and I have a feeling that this series will be our best yet. It is now 5's flagship programme and we are all very proud of that, we get to do some incredible things and handle some amazing tech. I can't give anything away about the challenges but have posted a few pics of some of the filming. Up till now I have been a London courier, raced a Range Rover against banger cars but from a hut, ridden electric bikes, driven electric cars, discovered our top 5 50cc scooters, sports watches, been down the longest zip-wire in the country and even took part in another treasure hunt with the lovely Anneka Rice ! And that’s just 4 shows!

Oh and there was a F1 experience thrown in for good measure! This will be a long-running series with 21 episodes and will run until Christmas, the fun starts on August 3rd. The line up is the regulars, Jase, John, Ortis and myself.

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