Let's dance for Sport Relief

Suzi Perry
April 28, 2012

Ortis and I were asked to join the comedic list of entertainers to participate in this years rather hilarious 'dance' fest in aid of Sport Relief. We were thrilled to take part, however I could have done with a few more days to learn what turned out to be the busiest salsa ever! Ortis took to it like Ricky Martin himself, but my brain engagement and body co-ordination was a little slower on the uptake : nonetheless I loved every second, we had a blast and I lost a few pounds along the way! So thanks for supporting that one if you managed to catch it. Big thanks to our gorgeous choreographers Richard and Ali and all the far too energetic dancers who made me realise that I needed to sharpen up! I'm on it! Also a big squeeze and comedy congratulations to the ultimate winner Rowland Rivron, who cartwheeled his way to victory during his sublime rendition of Christopher Walken's award winning dance to Fat Boy Slim's video Weapon of Choice - out of the ball park my friend.

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