Quick Update

Suzi Perry
May 9, 2010

Thanks for your helpful comments about the site, it's great to have a fresh new look, a 'gadgety facelift'.

We have just finished filming series 13 of The Gadget Show and I have squeezed in a well needed week off. It may have rained a lot but that didn't affect me too much as I slept through most of it! I think there may have been a birthday in there somewhere as well, but let's not go into that.....However, I did receive some amazing gifts, including a gorgeous painting of 2 Zebra's by Adolfo Rua, a carnet of Scuba Dives, tickets to see Stevie Wonder in a rather intimate dinner environment and a wonderful Creme De Mer facial.... I was ruined!

Over the next few weeks we will begin our film schedule for Series 14, which will go to air in August so there will literally only be a few weeks without the Monday night fix, but don't forget Jon and Dionne will be bringing you web TV every week, even when we are off air - on Five

I have some other projects on the go;. however they are all in the early stages so I will inform you of the details when and if they stick. But I must say that I am very excited about all three possibilities for the future.

My MotoGP column is ongoing in the Motoring Section of The Daily Telegraph. I am still thrilled by the racing, despite not covering the antics for the BBC this year. Bike racing, in my view, is the greatest racing in the world. I am also able to follow the Superbikes more closely than before, taking me back to my roots. I hope to soon be taking ownership of my new Triumph Bonnie T100, I can’t wait... I will actually have time to ride it!

As I will be covering the fashion at Royal Ascot and The Derby again, I am busy looking for posh frocks and hats to impress my co-presenter, the inimitable James Sherwood. We always have a ball at the event and this year should be a great occasion.

Just after Gadget Show Live I moved house; I am now nearer to The Gadget Show filming in the Midlands. My family live in the South of France, so I hop back and forth across the channel but am still spending most of my time in the UK. I never want to move house again though, I can't believe how much 'stuff' I had acquired over the years and there was me thinking that I wasn't a hoarder!


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