Royal Ascot – 14th to 18th June 2011

The weather this year was quite mixed and there were occasions when the mac had to come out pretty quickly.  In the main though, we were able to get out and about and talk to some lovely people.

I was accompanied on Tuesday and Saturday by model Olivia Inge, who incidentally was the lovely lady in the opening sequences for BBC’s coverage each day.  On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, my co-presenter was milliner Louis Mariette.

Sadly this year I was without my lovely James Sherwood and I missed him very much.

Lots of people on twitter have been asking about my outfits for the week so below, thought you might like to see some pix.

Pix courtesy of Graeme McAlpine at

Fashion and Horses!

Hey there my life has had somewhat of a horsy feel over the past few weeks! I covered The Oaks, Derby and Royal Ascot for the BBC from a fashion point of view. I shared the screen with fashion journalist, James Sherwood. We have worked together on projects for several years and what he doesn’t know about Saville Row just isn’t worth knowing. Along the way I ran into various famous faces; Anton DuBeke, Erin Boag, Lilia Kopolova and Darren Bennet, John Inverdale, Grace Jones, Phil Daniels, Gethin Jones, The Forsythes and Cilla Black to name a few, all enjoying the races. I thought that you might like to see a few photos and for any ‘fashionistas’ I have listed the wonderful designers who helped me dress for the occasions.

I was all set to attend the MotoGP at Silverstone but had to dash home to France, so had to watch it on my iPad at the airport. Jorge really proved that he can win on any track, but the paddock does miss Valentino Rossi, I hope he will be back for Brno mid August, that’s the latest news I have on the Doctor. All my Daily Telegraph Previews include all my thoughts and views on the MotoGP world, so if you’re interested, you can catch up with those.

I’m about to rent an apartment in my old stomping ground, Birmingham. Perfect for getting to the Gadget Show studios in Brum’s Digital District, Digbeth! And also the very best curries in the country!

Catch you soon, loving the summer weather…. ps you can read my daily thoughts on Twitter. I’m @suziperry x

June updates x

Beautiful Scotland

I love twitter. When I announced that we were reaching the end of series 13, I was immediately pounced on by Gadgeteers demanding when the next series would begin and how I would satisfy their Monday night digital fix, there really is no rest for the wicked! So for those who would like to know; we are back on air in August and The Gadget Show WebTV is updated every week, with Jon Bentley and Dionne South at the helm, and very good it is too. Me? Well I’m already stuck into filming the next series.

Recently Ortis and I found ourselves in Fort William, Northern Scotland on a Wild Challenge. I won’t reveal too much on the details for fear of spoiling the show but I can tell you that it was very energetic and extremely beautiful and of course packed full of gadgets.

Gadget Show with Ortis

The pair of us were rather amused to be staying in a Fawlty Towers replica hotel complete with inedible food, a Spanish waiter called Juan and well, let’s just say that we reduced the average age of the residents, I mean clients.

There will be 21 shows in this series, (I am sure this is a record) These shows should take us up to Christmas time and as you know we are always grateful for your feedback and ideas, so let me know if you are inspired!

I am also doing a spot of broadcasting for The Derby and Royal Ascot. I shall be teamed up with the lovely Fashion Journalist James Sherwood for Ascot. His insight is fascinating and his comments and quips are always guaranteed to raise a smirk, let’s just say that he is very honest and doesn’t mind saying what everyone else is probably thinking. I loved my time there last year, my third, however there was an embarrassing incident with a floaty skirt and a gust of wind, so I shall be going for more fitted outfits this year! Nearer the time I shall blog my outfit designers and hat attire.

Presenting at the ICC

I recently hosted the Birmingham Young Professional of the year at the ICC in Brum. It was a fabulous night, a lot funnier than the average awards do. That was predominantly due to my co-host, top chef Glynn Purnell. He has his own Michelin starred place in the city and is one hell of a laugh. I for one was in stitches on stage and the audience loved it, I reckon we struck up a pretty good double act and hope we can work together again. I will certainly be off to ‘Purnells’ for dinner soon.

With the marvelous Glynn Purnell

I am also filming a brand new show for 5 soon. It’s about photography and how to take beautiful pictures. I’m a bit of an amateur snapper so this really appeals to me, I hope to learn lots and have fun at the same time, good combo.

On a personal note I will be moving into an apartment in Birmingham soon so that I will be on hand for Gadget Show filming. The Gadget Show is based in the Digital District of Birmingham, downtown Digbeth and having a place there will be perfect. I will be spending the weekends with my family in France where we are currently buying a house, it’s an exciting time, but lots of moving around which does do my head in from time to time!

That’s it for now; I’m tweeting on Twitter, follow @suziperry for daily comments, views and the odd silly pic!

Quick Update

Thanks for your helpful comments about the site, it’s great to have a fresh new look, a ‘gadgety facelift’.

We have just finished filming series 13 of The Gadget Show and I have squeezed in a well needed week off. It may have rained a lot but that didn’t affect me too much as I slept through most of it! I think there may have been a birthday in there somewhere as well, but let’s not go into that…..However, I did receive some amazing gifts, including a gorgeous painting of 2 Zebra’s by Adolfo Rua, a carnet of Scuba Dives, tickets to see Stevie Wonder in a rather intimate dinner environment and a wonderful Creme De Mer facial…. I was ruined!

Over the next few weeks we will begin our film schedule for Series 14, which will go to air in August so there will literally only be a few weeks without the Monday night fix, but don’t forget Jon and Dionne will be bringing you web TV every week, even when we are off air – on Five

I have some other projects on the go;. however they are all in the early stages so I will inform you of the details when and if they stick. But I must say that I am very excited about all three possibilities for the future.

My MotoGP column is ongoing in the Motoring Section of The Daily Telegraph. I am still thrilled by the racing, despite not covering the antics for the BBC this year. Bike racing, in my view, is the greatest racing in the world. I am also able to follow the Superbikes more closely than before, taking me back to my roots. I hope to soon be taking ownership of my new Triumph Bonnie T100, I can’t wait… I will actually have time to ride it!

As I will be covering the fashion at Royal Ascot and The Derby again, I am busy looking for posh frocks and hats to impress my co-presenter, the inimitable James Sherwood. We always have a ball at the event and this year should be a great occasion.

Just after Gadget Show Live I moved house; I am now nearer to The Gadget Show filming in the Midlands. My family live in the South of France, so I hop back and forth across the channel but am still spending most of my time in the UK. I never want to move house again though, I can’t believe how much ‘stuff’ I had acquired over the years and there was me thinking that I wasn’t a hoarder!


Royal Ascot 2009

I was at Royal Ascot all week covering the fashion for the BBC with the lovely James Sherwood, the oracle on threads. It has been a few years since we worked together so I was really thrilled to be back on the box with him. I wore outfits by Jasper Conran, Bruce Oldfield and Ralph Lauren. My gorgeous hats were provided by Philip Treacy, Emily-London and Inga Roubi. I was very lucky and am extremely grateful to all of them for helping me out at such short notice.

James and I had an enormous amount of fun together and I lost a lot of money on the gee gee’s! Frankie lost me a packet! So if you ever see me never take a tip from me: I am hopeless.